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Who We Are

Judy Drew Fairchild is a real estate agent, a writer and photographer, and a certified South Carolina Master Naturalist who lives and works on Dewees Island. Judy is passionate about the island and the community. She tries hard not to step foot off the island unless it is absolutely necessary. She manages the calendar for the island turtle team, does occasional school group tours, and helps with environmental programming. Judy has written a guide to Dewees Island and a field instruction manual for the turtle team. She is an avid birder and wildlife watcher, and learns something new every time she heads outside.

Judy and her husband Reggie live on Dewees Island full time with their three children and enjoy the community‚Äôs many wonders. They are involved with a number of environmental and other programs on the island, including the Turtle Team, annual bird and alligator counts, the Archives Committee and much more. Reggie was a founding board member of the Dewees Island Conservancy. Reggie serves as a volunteer with Dewees Public Safety Department. Together, Judy and Reggie write a blog about News, Neighbors and Nature.  Reggie also writes about living full-time on the island.

Why Buy and Sell with us?

We know the island, and we love it here. We believe it is the best community around. Our kids know the secrets of the island, from pulling fiddlers from pluff mud to fishing for sheepshead, to where the owl babies rock in the treetops, to what bobcat tracks look like… and we believe that Dewees gives them a way to be kids and interact with the natural world that has all but vanished from modern society. They have friends of all ages and a community rich in connections to each other and the world around us. We want to communicate the unique nature of Dewees with the best, most creative marketing materials we can use.

Our Brokerage

Dewees Real Estate, LLC is part of dunes properties of Charleston, LLC, a real estate brokerage firm with several offices in the Greater Charleston, SC area.  Dewees Real Estate is focused on helping buyers and sellers of real estate on Dewees Island.