We know the Charleston Coast

Dunes Properties has been actively focused on Dewees since Judy joined them in 2014.  Since then, 42 properties have changed hands (per MLS data).  Dunes Properties represented either the buyer or the seller in 37 of those 42 sales, making us responsible for 88% of sales on Dewees in that six year period.  In the entire Charleston area, Dunes Properties is sixth in sales with far fewer agents than most of the brokerages ahead of them.  As agents, we know the Charleston Coast.  As a full time resident on the island, Judy provides marketing to the team but no longer works with buyers and sellers: she has moved to full-time Nature Education.

Buyer Specialist Jen O'Brien

A Collaborative Approach

Together, we are better than any of us are working alone.  We want our clients to have a trusted representative who can help them assess their needs, keep utmost confidentiality, and advocate for them whole-heartedly.  


Why you should consult us for your Real Estate needs:

Dewees island agent

The first reason is the best one, of course… when we work together, the sum is greater than the whole of the parts.  Each of us brings valuable experience and connections to the process. From education to sales to golf course communities to football, we’ve all got something to help make your journey easier.

Yes, you read that right.  Since 2014, we have been involved in 88% of all transactions on Dewees Island.  We know how to position your listing, how to write offers that lead people to a win-win outcome, how to help you understand the unique blessings and challenges of Dewees Island ownership.  

We have relationships with contractors, inspectors, insurers, pest controllers, golf cart suppliers, cleaners, repair people and more.  We can help you understand how to pull it all together.

While Judy no longer represents buyers or sellers, she puts her photography and marketing skills to use for the group still~ it’s nice to have boots on the ground.

Layne, Jen, Cal, and Lauren all have extensive knowledge of how Dewees Island fits into the greater Charleston Real Estate picture.  Dunes Properties is the sixth largest company in the area in terms of production, with far fewer agents than the few top companies.  It’s because of our professional, specialist approach that allows us to work together rather than compete with one another.  Dunes Properties is locally owned and operated~ from the top brass to the administrative staff, we live here and love it.  For more on our company, click here.

One of the most exciting things about Dewees Island is the community.  It’s a group of individuals who love their celebrations, and we love to participate. From hosting events (we hope you caught our fun event in February with music and appetizers) to riding in the golf cart parade, to attending turtle nest inventories, to helping with beach clean-up, we put our commitment to Dewees in action every chance we get.

We’ll definitely be persistent.  By having feet on the ground on the island, we can experiment with a wide variety of media solutions to showcase your property.  We have a drone photographer, we set up virtual tours for your listings, we use some of the best architectural photographers we can find, and we even work on finding movie production assistance from very high end production companies.

We can live-stream (some weeks thousands of people watch our broadcasts) timelapse, and even stage a sunset toast on your property so buyers can see what treats they are in for once they become owners.