Beach Access Paths

wide beach at Osprey Walk

Any walkway that ends in the word walk is a public beach access path.  Each one is slightly different, and there are advantages to each.  There is golf cart parking for a few carts at each path.  We appreciate your leaving the beach cleaner than you found it: there are trash and recycling bins at the parking area for each access path.

Along Pelican Flight Drive, six paths provide a variety of experiences.

Huyler House Walk: is a long, meandering trek through the maritime forest to the ocean.  There is a table right at the beginning of the boardwalk, and there may be owls roosting in the dead tree snags off to the left.  As you go through the forest, the wax myrtle bushes form a sort of tunnel around you, and you’ll pass through several “washover” areas where endangered Wilson’s Plovers and Common Nighthawks nest.  To your right, there may be least terns nesting or a myriad of shorebirds resting.  All remaining docks off toward the inlet on the right are private walkways, so be sure you can find the entrance to the roll-out boardwalks that marks your way back to the parking area.

Willow Walk: tucked between two homes at the end of the driveway, Willow walk is a shorter trek than Huyler House to get to the beach, but also has the wax myrtle tunnel at the entrance.


Beach from Willow Walk, Dewees Island SC

Needlerush Walk: Starts in the maritime forest with a small table at the end, moves through a slight wax myrtle tunnel, and ends at the beach.The boardwalk to this walkway is a raised bridge over seasonal wetlands.  In summer, butterflies flit along the marshmallow plants along the bridge.  If you need wheelchair access to the beach, we can help you arrange to have the post removed for access here. Until 2015, the area north of this point was accreting (gaining sand) and the area south was eroding.

Ancient Dunes Walk: A wide parking area at the end of this path leads to a shower and screened gazebo with a table and seating around the edges.  This is a fun place for a picnic, and a great stop if you have dogs that need fresh water.  The beginning of the “boneyard” beach, where huge trees were buried in the sand ages ago, Ancient Dunes is in an accretion stage and accumulating sand.  However, if you are swimming, be sure you know where the stumps are if the tide is high.

rinsing off at Ancient Dunes Walkway, Dewees Island, SC

Marshmallow Walk: This is a very narrow path; check to be sure nobody is coming your direction before getting on the raised bridge.  There is a seating area at the end which can be a great place to watch the moonrise.

Osprey Walk: Often a great place to find a pick-up game of bocce or soccer, Osprey walk has two tables that look over the beach area.  The area is currently subject to blowing sand, so be careful not to park your golf cart where the sand is too soft.  Currently, parking is limited to five carts.

At the far North end of the island, Capers Walk provides access to the North Beach.  This is the longest trek from cart to water, winding through dunes and washover areas.  You’ll want shoes: the sand can get hot, and there are sand burrs in the walkway.