Who are Dewees Island owners? Why did they choose Dewees?

What draws people to become Dewees Island Owners?

HOA dues LIfestyle decision

There are 150 homesites on the island and 150 ways to be a Dewees Island Owner.  Some folks live here full-time, taking the ferry and their own boat for work or school.  Others are retirees who are drawn to the combination of quiet natural beauty and a pretty active social life.  We can be alone on a beach watching baby turtles scurry toward the ocean, spend the day fishing with buddies on the dock, and finish the evening with a great meal in some of Charleston’s best restaurants.  We invited some film-makers to come find out the answer to that question, and here is what they found:

Dewees Island: Natural Beauty from Yonder Blue Films on Vimeo.

There are 85 undeveloped lots; two are under construction.

There are 65 finished homes.

  • 18 are occupied by full time owners. (about 39 people)
  • 22 are secondary residences of a single owner and not ever rented.
  • 10 are in some sort of partnership.
  • 9 allow rentals in some form.

Some Dewees Island Owners go into town every day, others try to stay on the island for as long as possible.  (For our first years on the island, before we were full time residents, my young son and I had contests to see who could leave the island the fewest times each summer.  We usually tied at 3 visits to town apiece over the 9 week summer.)  Others are downtown or in Mount Pleasant every day, even twice a day.  You get to create your own island reality.

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