Dewees Sunday Afternoons : Winter

Dewees Sunday Afternoons : Winter

Dunes Properties agents were asked to tell about a perfect Sunday afternoon.  It will be part of a larger article about the Sunday relaxation ideas all over the Charleston area.

My perfect Dewees Sunday Afternoon

Because my neighborhood, Dewees Island, is pretty specific and only accessible by boat with no stores or cars, I am going to begin my Dewees Sunday afternoon on Saturday with a little shopping as advance preparation.  Stop in at Kudzu Bakery in Mount Pleasant before 3 to pick up a few croissants.

They make great ham and cheese croissants (find them in the freezer sections) that can be baked fresh. It’s the perfect bakery treat to eat at home!

Now, on Sunday around lunchtime, heat up some croissants and a pot of coffee, perhaps grab some fruit or granola, and find a spot for a little brunch picnic.


 Kick back and enjoy the view; listen for some birdsong or the gentle whistles of ducks on the water, steal a glance at the resident Bald Eagle sitting on her nest.  Enjoy the quiet that comes from no cars or gasoline motors. Maybe snag a good novel by Mary Alice Monroe and relax into the Lowcountry narrative.

or really settle in to a sheltered porch.


Now head on over to the helicopter landing field for a quick round of frisbee golf.  You might have to compete with deer or raccoons for the field, but once you get there they’ll amble off into the maritime forest.


On to the beach by  bike to walk the empty windswept beach at the edge of 60 miles of undeveloped seashore.  

sunday afternoon

Winter storms often bring a bonanza of shells.  Grab a copy of Living Beaches of the Carolinas if you like to understand how everything fits together.  We always get a kick out of looking for the trails of moon snails in the tide pools, and at this time of year you can find both empty shells and egg cases


On your way back, stop to watch the alligators, turtles, and birds at Huyler House pond.  

Now it’s time to grab the boots and  head out to the north end of the island for a little clamming.  

We have to decide what’s for dinner to know what size clams to keep: tiny for linguini, medium for “company clams” and large for chowder.  

Tonight’s special is company clams, so we are looking for 2 inches or so.  While the clams soak in fresh water mixed with cornmeal, we toast the setting sun and get the clams ready with crisp bacon, cream, parsley, Jameson’s, parmesan, and carmelized shallots.  


Ahhh. Loving this dinner we caught ourselves and the fun of a fresh air day in wintertime in South Carolina.