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FAQ: What about Owner Boats?

There are three community docks: the main ferry dock, and Big Bend and Lone Cedar docks.

Dewees owner boats
Big Bend dock
Dewees Owner Boats
Big Bend Dock

Dewees Owner BoatsWhen docking, please be considerate and leave space for as many others as possible.


Guest boats

Because space is limited, there is no parking on the Dewees docks for non-owner boats. Guests may not park boats on the Dewees community docks.  If a guest or charter captain is picking you up on the Dewees side, they should arrive between 25 minutes before the hour and 10 minutes after the hour so as to avoid creating a challenge for the ferry schedule.

Boat Storage

The Dewees Island POA owns the marina on the Isle of Palms, where there are slips for rent.  Rental agreements are renewed annually (leases run from January 1 – December 31). The current renter of the slip has first opportunity to renew his or her lease.  If someone does not want to renew his lease, the slip is offered to the first person on the waiting list. As of January 2016, there were 4 property owners on the waiting list.  Slip prices vary depending on size of the slip and comparative marina prices, and range from $2800 per year to $4000.


Owners can also store boats on Dewees Island, either at their home or at the Public Works area.  Contractors can arrange for your boat to be launched and waiting for your arrival at the main dock.


Dewees has ramps for launching a boat at the Dewees Marina on the IOP and on Dewees Island. Boat trailers can not be stored overnight in the parking lot, but you can make arrangements at the IOP marina to stow your trailer.