Prices can be misleading.

Our lot prices, especially, can run far below those on surrounding islands, and this is because the carrying costs on the island are high.  We basically run an entire city out here, from grading roads, to maintaining a pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, a nature center, fishing docks, etc.  We have an emergency department and we pump and treat our own water.  Those things are expensive.  Expenses on an undeveloped lot can be upwards of $20,000 per year. For the exact number, consult the Property Owner’s Association.

Dewees Island HOA fees

How is the island run?

The Dewees Island Property Owners Association (POA); is governed by an elected board of nine volunteer directors who serve in 3 year terms. Meetings are open to the community and held every other month on the island. Dues and Capital Reserves are assessed annually with the fiscal year beginning in October. Our community wide annual meeting for elections is held in March each year, with annual festivities for owners.  All of the island’s incredible infrastructure is supported by POA dues; our docks and roads, our pool and tennis courts and beach access paths, our nature center and fire station, and our hourly ferry. Per our covenants, the cost of operating the island is supported equally by the 150 lot units.  

Our Capitol Reserves provide for planned capital expenses, and capital improvements.  Our major purchases are planned and funded through reserves.

Who determines the budget?

The budget committee is a group of dedicated volunteers and staff members.  The staff proposes the budget, and it is reviewed and edited at the budget committee level before being sent to the POA Board. They meet 4 times in June and July, putting approximately 100 volunteer hours of work time in addition to the staff time.  Meetings are open and community members are invited to participate.

Landings Building

What is the Dewees Utility Corporation?

The Dewees Utility Corporation is a separate entity.  Each owner also pays part of the water utility on the island.  We have a state-of-the-art water treatment facility and wastewater treatment facility that provides potable water to our 150 homesites, and treats wastewater with an environmentally advanced system.   Click here for more information about the DUC.

When are Dues billed?

Dues are billed in September and due on October 1. Owners pay all at once, or in 10 installments (interest charges apply.)

Becoming a Dewees owner is a lifestyle decision.

Our open spaces– our private and pristine beaches, acres of marsh and maritime forest, and connected community– are our amenities. Where others may choose a country club or urban lifestyle, we choose the sounds of birdsong and the waves on the beach, clean waters and unspoiled shellfish beds, elbow room between neighbors and the ability to learn and laugh with our friends.  Choose a fabulous community with a thriving social life founded on a commitment to enjoying the natural environment in perpetuity.  It is a gift to the future.

HOA dues LIfestyle decision