What is involved in Building on the Island?

You can buy a lot with no pressure to build at any time.  You can enjoy all the full benefits of owning island property even if you never build a house.  At some point, though, you are bound to have some questions about building on Dewees.  Each homeowner is required to hire a South Carolina licensed architect to design their home. 

The best way to get exactly the home you want is to hire an architect to design exactly what you want.  Building involves some more challenges than building on the mainland, and you may benefit from hiring a builder who has built here before, so they understand how to work the details of the barge, pile driver, etc.  The island does have some construction equipment that is kept on the island; builders can rent these from the POA.

Often, people ask what the increase is for building costs above the mainland.  Ask these builders for details: the last few houses to be completed on the island were between $420 and $480 per sq foot. Lately quotes have been coming in over $500 per square foot. You’ll want great porches on Dewees~ these are not included in the square footage but definitely figure into the costs.

Dewees Builders

The following builders have built homes on Dewees recently:

Chip Naramore: Naramore Construction

Naramore Construction is building the two homes at #12 and #49.  Chip’s  office # is: 843 886 5187, cell 843 514 7521.He has been building on the island for many years, and has built the following homes:

Noah and Michael Ross

Noah and Michael built the DELTEC home at lot 127, with the help of Architect Ron Denton.  Long time island “family,” Noah got training from Deltec on installation of this home.  He can be reached at 843-557-5322.