Choosing the right Dewees island architect is important, because you’ll want someone who can design, spearhead the building process, work with the ARB, and work closely with the builder to be sure you get exactly what you want. Even if you have a house plan in your head, it will need to be managed by a licensed SC architect, and sited to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling breezes. This is a partial list of Dewees Island Architects who have worked here before: we are happy to connect you with them


Jim Henshaw of Herlong Architects is currently working on a renovation of the House at 2 DI and the home at lot 49. Jim is also an island resident, and working on renovations for his own home. He serves on the Dewees Island ARB Board.

Myles Truedell is currently building the house at Lot 12.

Anna Blaschke of Abbey Designs designed the house at Lot 115. 843-478-6272.

Joe Tucker and his son are currently spearheading the building process at Lot 3DI.

Ron Denton worked with the Deltec House at 127. 843-856-8395.

Whitney Powers designed the houses at 7040, 131.