Plats for Dewees Island

We’ve collected a number of maps and plats over the years. They are here below: remember that you’ll want to have your own tree survey done, and many of these may even be out of date. This one is the original master plan:

Dewees Island master plat

This one covers lots along Dewees Inlet drive.  Since this plat was drawn, Lot 1 has been subdivided into two, and the line between lots 2 and 3 has shifted.

Plat of Dewees Inlet Drive

Here are the first lots along Old House Lane”

Plat of Old House Lane

And here is the end of Old House Lane and most of Lake Timicau:

Plat of Lake Timicau Lane and Old House Lane

This is Pelican Flight Drive:

More on Pelican Flight Drive

The end of Pelican Flight Drive:

Pedestrian Boardwalks on Lots 14-20