The DUC (Dewees Utility Corporation)

Dewees is like a small city.  The Dewees Utility Corporation is responsible for pumping, treating, and distributing water on the island, complying with state and federal regulations just like a huge utility would.  They also manage trash and recycling.  We have a dedicated group of staff members and volunteer board members who keep the Utility going.  Their dedication is not an 8 to 5 matter: storms occur, pipes need repair, and water keeps going.

water and DeweesWater

dewees waterWater is tested daily on site and all water coming from the taps is perfectly safe to drink. Because removing all traces of mineral from the water can corrode the pipes faster, sometimes there is a slight mineral taste to the water.  If this bothers you, you can bring bottles to refill at the Landings Building Reverse Osmosis dispenser.  We ask residents and guests to help us with recycling costs by NOT bringing personal single-use water bottles to Dewees. A new well was installed in 2016.

Water is billed to Lot Owners annually. img_3040


Our state of the art, bio-organic waste treatment facility was the only municipality in the area that did NOT pollute surrounding waters during the fall flood of 2015. It is a closed system that uses a series of biological agents to biodegrade and purify waste in a set of tanks. Each home has a grinder pump that macerates waste and returns it to the main treatment center at the Public Works area.  Water exiting the system is purified to the point of potability before being released into the environment.

There is a $20,000 connection fee to be hooked into the system during the building process, which includes installation of infrastructure to connect your home to the system. Final connection to your home’s plumbing is done by your contractor.