Kai (228 of 312)Dewees Island Emergency services are the combined effort of residents, staff, and Charleston County.  We have our own Public Safety Department on the island. The fire station is over near the Public Works Building. The fire chief lives on the island with his wife in a cottage behind Public Works, and there is an emergency first responder on duty overnight in the apartment at the firehouse. Dewees Island is hooked into the Charleston County 911 service. You call 911; they route the call to the appropriate services on and off the island.

There is a helicopter landing pad on the island.

There is a helicopter landing pad on the island.

If you have a dire emergency, there is a helicopter landing pad on the island; the county dispatchers can send a helicopter that can get you to the hospital by air.


In addition to the fire trucks and ambulances, we keep a safety boat on the island.  If you break a bone that needs medical treatment but not a helicopter, there is an emergency boat on the island, and a first responder/ firefighter on the island almost all of the time. All homes are equipped with sprinklers and connected to a fire monitoring service.

There are fire hydrants around the island.


The 911 call will also alert our public safety officer. You will need to know the lot number where you are staying, and the address. If you are in a rental home, the address should be on the front of the binder with information about your house.

No open fires are allowed on Dewees on the beach or elsewhere. There are no fireworks or firearms allowed on Dewees.

If you need to evacuate for hurricane or fire, you will be notified by phone, flag, or person. If you are interested in joining the emergency response volunteer team, contact Chief Richie for the training schedule.

You can reach the public safety officer on duty by calling 843-296-4952.