Dewees Island Pets live in a pretty sweet spot.  Owners can have pets on the island, so long as dogs are leashed near the ferry and are on voice control or leashed.  Cats should not be allowed to roam outside.

Dogs should always be on leash and voice command. They need to be leashed on or near the ferry on both the IOP side and the island.  If you are not absolutely positive that your dog will stay near you on the beach, keep them on a leash.

There are cleats on both sides for you to tie your dog when preparing luggage for getting on and off the ferry. Something about being leashed on the ferry and the new environment brings out the protector in your dog– be sure you have them under control. Please do not allow your dog on the ferry seats or to roam unattended around the boat. In summer, the top deck gets very hot on paws.

There is a water bowl on the Dewees side near the carts. On the IOP side, there is also a water bowl.

If you get to the ferry dock early, there is a grass strip on the IOP side towards the marina where you can walk your dog– scoop bags are available on the strip.

Please clean up after your dog. On the island, bury waste at least 5 inches deep or use a bag.  Bags are available at the ferry dock.

The ONLY place your dog should be off a leash on the beach is between Marshmallow Walk and Willow walk. Ancient Dunes Walk has a source for fresh water and a place to rinse off both kids and dogs. In addition, please keep your leashed dog away from the shorebird nesting areas at the ends of the island in the summer months once the sun is up. Shorebirds have a much bigger alarm zone for dogs, and may fly off eggs or nestlings, leaving them to bake in the sun. If you want to walk your dog the whole length of the beach, please do it out of the heat of the day.

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